Episode 9 – Meg Dyos and the Coxless Crew Pacific Ocean rowing world record holders

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It’s not every day that you get to chat to someone who has rowed across an Ocean!  This episode features Meg Dyos who as part of a group of women called the Coxless Crew, rowed across the Pacific Ocean. They finished their challenge on 26th January after having covered almost 9,000 miles during 257 days at sea. They now have not one but two world records! The first group of women to cross the Pacific and the first group of four. Wow!

The journey was divided into 3 legs and Meg joined the team on the third leg from Samoa to Cairns, Australia, spending 77 days at sea.  Before joining the girls, she had never rowed! Talk about putting yourself outside of your comfort zone!

No stranger to adventure, Meg had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and had also participated in a charity Machu Picchu trek in Peru but this was by far the biggest challenge of her life so far.

Meg is fascinating. We chat about how she got involved in the project, the preparation, the reasons behind the row, laughter, challenges, the importance of values and working as a team and of course the practicalities of life on a boat for weeks and months at a time.

This is an awesome achievement and really proves that we can achieve things that seem impossible if we put our minds to it.


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Coxless Crew website – everything you need to know. You can also donate to their charities ‘Walking with the Wounded’ and ‘Breast Cancer Care’

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