Episode 7 – Nanna Munnecke runner and Voltwomen co-founder

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This episode features Nanna Munnecke, mum of two beautiful boys, visual director of an innovation strategy consultancy, runner, co-founder of the voltwomen movement, creator of social good via running, master life juggler and awesome human being.

I was fortunate to spend time with Nanna who lives in Copenhagen over Skype. Nanna started running while going through quite a significant life transformation resulting from divorce after a 20 year relationship. Starting with 500m she has since run marathons and a 100km ultra-marathon (with WMNRUN 100 – see episode 3 of the podcast for more on the initiative started by Sorrell Walsh). Running has helped her become more fearless in life. A self-pronounced ‘kamikaze runner’, she embodies the power of the mind with her positive energy and intention.

Nanna’s personal journey with running is inspiring in itself but even more special is how running is a vehicle for her to inspire others. Two years ago, she co-founded a movement called Voltwomen, a global community of women runners. Women united by running, pushing the self and boundaries, overcoming barriers and being the best they can be.

She is an amazing example of someone who announces intention, doesn’t let fear get in the way and begins projects. Learning by doing. For her, running is about energy and feeling good but also importantly, about creating community.

A multi-faceted, inspiring lady with fabulous energy who I admire hugely. Enjoy what Nanna has to say.

Useful links

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NBRO – Nanna’s running crew in Copenhagen

100km Race to the Stones website

Nanna is also founding Move Something with Hesdy Lonwijk in Amsterdam

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